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International Conference on Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering (MATHCS 2023)

December 30 ~ 31, 2023, Virtual Conference

Accepted Papers
Lehmer Property for Some Integer Sequences

ALA’A AL-KATEEB AND M.K. SAHUKAR, Department of Mathematics, Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan


In this note, we prove that there is no number with theLehmer property in the sequences of Jacobsthal or Jacobsthal-Lucas numbers, the Balancing and Balancing-Lucas numbers


Lehmar property, Jacobsthal numbers, Jacobsthal-Lucas numbers, Balancing numbers, Balancing-Lucas numbers, Euler’s function.

Markov Chains and Covid

Alessio Drivet, GeoGebra Institute of Turin, Italy


The text aims to show the use of Markov chains for modelling the Covid-19 pandemic. After a brief general introduction, a simulation of the phenomenon is presented, starting from some transition hypotheses and using a spreadsheet for the calculations.


Covid-19, Markov chains, Model, Spreadsheet.

Galois Connections on a Brane

Ryan Buchanan, Umpqua Community College, United States of America


On an absolute frame of reference, a Galois connection to a d-brane may be prescribed such that the data of the frame becomes locally presentable. We describe these connections briefly.


connections, d-brane, lightcones.